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The Leader - in providing professional Real Estate Services for Adult Family Homes.


Washington Adult Family Home Services


It was while I was attending a class to obtain my Adult Family Home Administrative Certificate when I met some of the most amazing, wonderful and caring people. They were some of the hardest working, dedicated, compassionate and intelligent people I had ever come across. They inspired me. It was a diverse crowd. Wonderful people from just about every background and walk of life you could ever imagine. Many different cultures, countries and ethnicity were represented from just about every job in the health care industry you could image. From Nurse Delegates to Registered Nurses and Aides. Medical Technicians, Service Providers and Business Owners. And the stories they told. Cherished tales of encounters with their residents both loving and at time heart wrenching. The triumphs and struggles of the industry, the long hours and the hard work of of trying to advance themselves all while still maintaining composure and the loving care of the people around them. I quickly gained tremendous respect for these people who set out to selflessly help others. 

During my time in the class my admiration grew for my classmates. I wasn't originally from the industry. I was a bit of an outlier, an outsider. But I was quickly taken in and we all started to collaborate on ideas regarding Adult Family Homes, the dreams of someday owning one and the struggles that insued in acquiring one. The qualifications, the regulations, the crunching of the numbers and running the business. At the time for most of us it seem nearly like an impossible dream. I heard stories of my classmates of having the experience of caring for the elderly and the qualifications to run and maintain a facility but also the struggle with affording to earn and save enough to purchase an Adult Family Home let alone run the business. That's when it occurred to me that I could  contribute and help these people who I had come to admire who's sole goal was to own their own Adult Family Home and continue to care for our elderly. I was a graduate from business school. I had spent years in the Real Estate industry in just about every capacity from onsite manager to broker, developer, land lord, title & escrow... you name it. I covered a lot of ground when it came to the Real Estate industry. 

So now it was my turn. It was then that I determined I would put together a team of the best and most professional individuals in the real estate industry when it came to Adult Family Homes. From the qualifying, financing and underwriting of Adult Family Homes to the locating, valuation and negotiation. Not to mention the administrative Change of Ownership process of the Adult Family home to legally establishing an s-Corp and purchasing and closing the property. 

Washington Adult Family Home Services was established for You. Our Goal is to assist all of the hardworking, dedicated, compassionate and intelligent individuals who aspire and inspire us to take care of the elderly. If it's your dream and goal to own an Adult Family Home or continue the care of the elderly then we want to help you achieve that.  

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